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Category: music for movement, transdisciplinary collaboration, multimedia work


Felix Nagl (Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder) 

Constance Diard, Enzo Pauchet, Fang-Yun Yang (Dancers) 


This interdisciplinary project re-imagines the past, re-visits the pathos of the ‘80s and re-interprets it in a new way. The effect of the transdisciplinary collaboration, which took shape during the two-weeks-long Dance and Music Workshops formed and led by composer Stefan Prins (Belgium) and choreographer Daniel Linehan (Belgium/US) at the 47th International Summer Courses for New Music Darmstadt. The project focused on the process of creation of a new work based on re-visited archival imagery of pop music videos dating back to the decade that began on 1st January 1980 and ended on 31st December 1989. As a team, we were working collectively researching conceptual approaches and practical strategies digging through old references to re-create them through the process of sound and movement experimentation. The goal was to create new work through the process of deconstructing and reweaving, as well as transforming archive materials using different media. 


[today we feel like: 
velour; puffs; lycra tights; glitter; crayon tracksuit;  

Cyndi Lauper; perm; neon dress; plastic sandals;  

Queen; down vest; ramones; rolled up jeans;  

XXL hair; vintage cassettes...]


Taped was performed in July 2018 as a part of the presentation of the Dance and Music Workshop with Stefan Prins and Daniel Linehan at the  Lichtenbergschule (Große Sporthalle) in Darmstadt, Germany. 


Watch Taped trailer here:

Watch full version of the performance here:

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