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Creative team:

Mateusz Kownacki (Director) 

Monika Dalach Sayers (Composer & Sound Designer)

Ilona Gumowska, Paweł Grala (Choreographers) 

Marek Zagalski (Scenography) 

Justyna Kozulska-Biesiada (Costumes) 

Carnival Otwarta Przestrzeń Cyrkowa: 

Piotr Lemieszczuk, Jacek Kwapiński, Krystian Kucharski, Kamil Tatara, Artur Perskawiec, Mateusz Kownacki (Cast) 


In 2016 I was asked by Mateusz Kownacki to create original music for a new performance commissioned by Dotknij Teatru Festival to be premiered at Teatr Szwalnia in Lodz, as part of the Polish celebration of International Theater Day.: 

9.81 is an interdisciplinary performance maintained in the new circus, combining juggling techniques and manipulating objects with dance theatre techniques. The title of the performance refers to the value of gravitational acceleration, and thus to gravity, which is the background, hero, opponent, ally and pretext for all stage activities.



The World Premiere of 9.81 took place on the 1st and 2nd of April 2016 at Teatr Szwalnia in Lodz as a part of the Dotknij Teatru Festival. 


Watch the trailer here:

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