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for soprano, cello, bass clarinet and trombone

Monika Dalach Sayers (Composer)

Oge Nwosu (Writer) 

Commissioned by Wigmore Hall as part of the Voiceworks 


Lily ist von ihrem … Abenteuer zurückgekehrt is the piece created in collaboration with writer and librettist Oge Nwosu and emerging musicians: Mimi Doulton (soprano), Akito Goto (cello), Heather Ryall (bass clarinet) and Ian Sankey (trombone). The piece premiered at the legendary Wigmore Hall in London as a part of Voiceworks and has been awarded the Guildhall's Tracy Chadwell Prize


The music was composed for the original text written by Oge Nwosu and its purpose is to emphasize a spoken word and complement the unspeakable. Importantly, the text takes its form from a collage technique pulling us into the fascinating world of Lily's adventures and the unrelated-related series of events. The project had been developed during a six months period through a series of workshops and meetings led by Paul Newland and Julian Philips with the support of Wigmore Hall Learning –  a major supporter of contemporary chamber music and song, as a commissioner of new works and a champion of living composers. 


World Premiere of Lily ist von ihrem … Abenteuer zurückgekehrt took place on 23rd May 2017 at Wigmore Hall in London. 

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