Category: music for movement, transdisciplinary collaboration, sound design, multi-media work


Stephanie Handjiiska (Choreographer) 

Liza Gusarova, Vera Romanova (Video Direction & Cinematography) 

Aleksandra Budarina (Video Set Management) 

Frances Morris (Costume Supervisor) 

Delilah Grocott Cain, Rebecca Douglass, James Healey, Talia Sealey (Dancers) 


After a successful collaboration with choreographer Ruby Frances Jones on malfunction (h2t), London Contemporary Dance School connected me to Bulgarian choreographer, Stephanie Handjiiska. We discussed the possibility of collaborating on a twenty-minute-long piece, to be staged at The Robin Howard Theatre – The Place in London. After a few meetings searching for common artistic ground we begun a discussion about the relationship between nature and movement. Stephanie was curious: How does nature move and how does organic matter change?  

On and On is tracing the process of growth, disintegration and decay. We were aiming towards recreating the interaction of humans and the environment. In my exploration, I  experimented with sounds associated with the process of natural disintegration (e.g. storm, water, iceberg collapse or micro-movements of organic matter). We invited a London-based duo of visual artists Liza Gusarova and Vera Romanova who created and directed video to be projected during the live performance.


“On and on it goes and on. 

Can we stop it now and on? 

On and on it goes and on. 

Try to stop it now and gone.’ 


World Premiere of On and On took place on 20th and 21st March 2018 at The Robin Howard Theatre, The Place London.. 

Watch trailer of the performance here: