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for accordion, three reed ranks, audio-playback, and video

written and composed for Trio Layers 

commissioned by Musica Privata Festival


19:00 SUNDOWN for accordion, three reed ranks, electronics and video is a project commissioned by Trio Layers and Musica Privata Festival, which explores the sound capabilities of reed ranks and their sound richness. The piece has been written for instruments owned by musicians, taking into consideration their unique sound qualities, limitations, individual scale range and fragility. 


In this piece I wanted to focus on the sound and its experience; at the present moment - here and now; on what we see and what we hear


During the collaboration process with the accordionist and a member of the ensemble, Ryszard Lubowiecki I encountered each of the reed ranks and I have learned about their unique possibilities and limitations. In the process, I decided to record them individually and experiment with the recorded material to create an electronic soundscape (audio-playback) that combined together with the acoustic sound produced live by reed ranks makes a rich and wide sound spectrum.


The sound may be perceived as fleeting and melancholic. 


The essence of 19:00 SUNDOWN is sound and the experience of it. The sound growing out of the departed soul of the accordion reminds of a fleeting moment of nostalgia, a sound represented in the sundown viewed from afar. 


The World Premiere of 19:00 SUNDOWN took place on 11th November 2018 at Musica Privata Festival in Lodz, Poland. 

Watch 19:00 SUNDOWN trailer here:

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