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Category:  the monologue, short scene 

Language: English  


Dolly Gosh! is a project that takes influence from post-dramatic theatre pieces. The piece introduces a bittersweet prediction of the future, where women are replaced by high-tech dolls. The project was inspired by the lecture by Dr Kate Devlin (Goldsmiths, University of London) on the topic of the sex-technology revolution and the human relationship with artificial intelligence. 


The first draft of Dolly Gosh! was delivered under the mentorship of Professor of Dramatic Writing, Dr Stephen Plaice and developed in collaboration with Alexandra Hospenthal. Performed in May 2018 at the Goodenough College in London. 


'Last summer, a raven-haired, 5ft 4in, 7-stone ingénue took Covent Garden by storm. Known only by her first name, Samantha spent a whole month perched coquettishly on a display cabinet in a shop called Liberation. Curious customers were encouraged to ‘feel her body’. As the first sex doll equipped with artificial intelligence ever to hit the capital, Samantha may have been a visitor from London’s future — where robots become so advanced they are interchangeable with human beings.'

                                                                                 ES magazine, 21 February 2018 


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