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Category: instrumental music, transdisciplinary collaboration 

Collaborators: Maja Absa Ngom (photography) 

for double bass, oboe, saxophone, percussion, and piano 

Composed for Workers Union Ensemble  

commissioned by New Dots

New music - New photography  


Workers Union Ensemble brings an eclectic mix of instrumentation which consists of oboe, saxophone, double bass, piano, percussion, percussion. In 2016, I was selected to compose a piece for them in collaboration with photographer Maja Absa Ngom. We aimed to explore the word 'place' and interpret it in our own way. The World Premiere of the piece took place on 16th April 2016 in the Warehouse, Waterloo in London amongst works by Sean Clancy, Camilo Andrés Méndez San Juan and Nick Morrish Rarity


Where do you go when you think of a place? A secret clearing in a woodland, a calm space in your mind, the fictional setting of your favourite book, the surface of Mars or somewhere else entirely? 


The theme of the performance had its origins in an experiment. New Dots, an organization supporting new music in the United Kingdom, asked for ideas or themes through social media. They chose an idea proposed by David Harding who suggested focusing on the relationship with location and the environment, how we use it and how it changes over time. From that, we created the theme place that aimed to inspire us and combine all works for the evening. 

Together with Maja, we decided to search for a place that technically does not exist. A place where everything may be suspended somewhere in a vacuum, the antonym of the space. Searching for a non-place led us to the myth of birth and the theory of a big explosion, the place where it all began. 


Conducted by Benjamin Oliver.  



Absent / Place. 

Abstract -  

One which probably does not extists... 

                                                  Or exists: 

Inside the body. 

The place where all thoughts  

are taking monochromatic forms; 

Various shapes, 

white air black liquid. 

Incomprehensible chaos; 

In the middle of nowhere –  

out there. 


A space inside us. 


16 April 2016, The Warehouse Waterloo