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Monika Dalach Sayers will compose a new work to be performed at New Music Dublin, Festival Ensemble(s), and Sound Festival Scotland as part of LEGATO 2024/2025

The Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland, SOUND Festival Scotland, and Festival Ensemble(s) has announced the participants for LEGATO: Monika Dalach Sayers, Laura Heneghan, Paul Scully, John Aulich, Anne Castex and Vincent Portes.


LEGATO is a new international composer professional development programme devised by partner organisations across three countries - the Contemporary Music Centre Ireland, New Music Dublin, Sound Festival Scotland and Festival Ensembles (comprising Ensemble 2e2m, Cairn, Court-circuit, Multilatérale and Sillages).


Monika Dalach Sayers was selected as one of the emerging composers from these three countries. Over the course of the 14-month programme, Monika will explore new music from each country, write new work under the guidance of composer mentors Jérôme Combier and Laura Bowler, and have her work performed at festivals in Paris, Bagnolet, Dublin and Aberdeen. 

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